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What is Debian ID

Debian ID is a project to coordinate the integration of Indonesian language and cultural support in Debian GNU/Linux.

A good deal of GIS related software and libraries (e.g. GRASS GIS, GDAL, and PROJ.4) are already present in Debian.

Thanks to efforts of the Debian ID team, we currently have many exciting GIS packages in Debian's main archives. Other programs are well along their way to being included in the archive.

The Debian source packages maintained by the Debian ID team are also used by efforts to support current GIS software on Debian derivatives such as UbuntuGIS, which provides backports of GIS packages for Ubuntu, and OSGeo-Live for their Ubuntu based distribution.

The Debian ID team collaboration infrastructure on Alioth originates from the initial team effort to maintain the grass package. It has since grown to collaboratively maintain most GIS and OpenStreetMap source packages, but still uses the debian-l10n-indonesian group name on Alioth.

Getting source:

Anonymous access:

git clone git://

Contact Information:

We use:
for group management, git repositories, and this webspace
for storing of and working on our packages
for bugtracking of our packages
for internal communication as well as the contact place for others;
mailing list subscription and archives are on
#debian-gis channel on (webchat)
for real-time communication
for the Maintainer field and the automatic mails related to that;
mailing list subscription and archives are on

Various useful links:

Debian GIS Blends Tasks page (long listing)
Debian GIS Blends Bugs page
Debian GIS Blends Package Thermometer
Debian GIS DDPO page
Debian GIS DMD page
Debian ID page on
Debian ID page on

A note on joining:

If you want to join the group you need to register an account on alioth and ask for being added to the debian-l10n-indonesian group, preferrably by sending a short introduction mail to
Please don't forget to read the documents below! (Specifically the Debian ID Policy)

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